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Coconut Coir is a natural by-product of coconut harvesting.  It is a sustainable renewable resource that is free of bacteria and fungal spores.  In the 1980's, horticulturalists began studying Coconut Coir dust as a substitute for Sphagnum peat moss.  They found that Coir lasts three times as long as peat moss.  Peat moss can take 5 to 10 years to reproduce, making it a non-renewable resource.  The pH levels of Coir are more neutral also, ranging from 5.8 to 6.8, whereas peat moss lowers the pH of surrounding soil.  We use Nature's Footprint Coco-Coir which has already been screened, washed and graded, and is free of pathogens and disease.

Compost and Coir have many of the same characteristics, such as spongy texture, expanding air space, and high moisture holding capability.  Backyard/garden compost breaks down rapidly in the soil an must be re-applied annually.  However Coconut Coir will last in the soil for years.  It's estimated that Coir added to soil has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years before it begins to break down.  It outperforms peat moss, rockwool, vermiculite and perlite as a soil amendment.

Coir is a 100% organic wetting agent.  Its ability to rehydrate repeatedly as soil moves from wet to dry with little loss in yield is remarkable.  In addition, wet Coir holds around 1000 times more air than soil, making it the superior choice for creating potting mixes.  It has a high water-holding capacity, holding seven times its weight in water, yet provides plant roots with excellent drainage, fostering root development as it does not compact.

Coir's high air to water ratio is extremely valuable for healthy root development.  Coir has the ability to store and release nutrients to plant roots for extended periods of time.  With better nutrient absorption, coir fosters excellent growth and plant formation.

Coir has many different uses.  It is a great mulch and soil treatment, allowing you to turn clay and sandy soil into an effective growing medium.  When mixed with dense, compacted soil, Coir acts to increase aeration, water flow and nutrient transport.  Conversely, when added to well drained, sandy soils, Coir helps retain moisture and bind nutrients.  Coir can help control soil erosion and is a great bedding material for worm composters.  It is also a great hydroponic growth medium which helps to facilitate seed germination.  By adding one part coir to two parts top soil you can made a perfect growing media for container and potted plants.

When using coir as a soil amendment your plants require less fertilizer, develop more elaborate and stronger root systems, and are more resistant to disease, pathogens and weeds.

We recommend using Coco-Coir when planting / transplanting Moringa trees into the ground.  Line several inches of moistened Coir in the bottom of a hole and plant.

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Coco-Coir, Organic Growing Medium
100% abundant renewable resource

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